Altar Servers

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There is a large and active team of altar servers who serve Mass and other Liturgies in the four churches of St Wilfrid’s Parish.

All children who are in Year 5 and who have made their First Holy Communion are invited to become altar servers. This is usually in October each year when a six week training period begins.

Each year on the 26th of December, the Feast of St Stephen the Martyr, there is an altar servers’ Mass when all servers come together with families, friends, and parishioners. Those who have completed their first year’s probation are enrolled into the Guild of St Stephen and receive their medals.

For further information contact  the parish office on 422 1772


  The objectives of the Guild   

  To encourage, positively and practically, the highest standards of serving at the Church's liturgy and       so contribute to the whole community's participation in a more fruitful worship of God. To provide altar   servers with a greater understanding of what they are doing so that they may serve with increasing   reverence and prayerfulness and thereby be led to a deepening response to their vocation in life. To   unite servers of different parishes and dioceses for their mutual support and                                       encouragement.


St Stephen             

The name Stephen means "crown", St Stephen was the first disciple of Jesus to receive the martyr's crown. Stephen was a deacon in the early Christian Church. The Apostles had found that they needed helpers to look after the care of the widows and the poor, so they ordained seven deacons and Stephen is the most famous of these.

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